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High-Profit Low-Effort Campaign

Skip the door-to-door routine! This easy-to-manage campaign takes only one step for kids to create their online personal page and share it with family and friends. With one click, generous givers select donation preferences and enter payment info. That’s it! No unanswered door bells or boxes to lug around.

Fun and easy-to-use straight donation platform.

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InstaRaise Rewards

Donate. Shop. Smile.

Give donors something in return for their donation! This next-level donation platform gives donors credits to shop on a trendy e-commerce site. You won’t have to touch any products or order forms! Our eCommerce department does the work for you by handling the product selection, fulfillment and shipping.

Give donors what they really want— online shopping credits!

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Let the celebration begin!

Take your fundraising to a whole new level of FUN by closing out the campaign with a Mega Fun Day. The MORE they raise, the BIGGER the celebration. This online donation platform creates a fun online experience for kids who love to reach their goal and have fun!

Same donation platform with an added Mega Fun Day to celebrate success!

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Race to the Top

Attention-Grabbing Easy to Run Campaign

Donors love the chance to win a big prize! This Sweepstakes fundraising campaign features amazing mega prizes for donors and guaranteed profits for your organization. An easy turnkey campaign, you pay no upfront costs and we’ll handle compliance, registration, and prize fulfillment.

Easy sweepstakes fundraising with guaranteed prizes and profits.

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High Energy & Profit
Increasing Campaign

Time to double up on FUN and add fuel to your fundraising efforts with donation matching by vendors, local merchants or parents. Kids get to watch the campaign grow on an awesome live leaderboard as $$$ pour in with a potential to raise $20,000 or more in as little as 2 days! Matchers get advertising exposure on the website, campaign materials and on school grounds.

A highly effective donation matching campaign.

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Our Platform

Our game-changing platform engages
everyone during the campaign!

Our state-of-the-art platform features sleek campaign pages and user-friendly dashboard controls. Both admin and students will enjoy its simple functionality to implement a successful campaign and gain maximum profit. Partnering with a leading U.S. software firm that develops integrated software for Fortune 500 companies, we are committed to implementing new technologies that will make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  • One-click student list upload & communication
  • Live leaderboard with top fundraisers and real-time donations
  • Multiple sharing and social media posting options
  • One-click sharing to all contacts with optional automatic reminders 
  • Manage all JMS campaigns on one platform
  • Access data & reactivate previous fundraisers with one click for next campaign
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Our Innovative prize platform revolutionizes fundraising

Rewarding students for their fundraising efforts has never been easier! Our platform changes everything with automated prize credits and amazing prizes featured on the PrizeBox website. No more prize shopping, no filling out prize forms, no waiting for students to pick prizes, and no more complaints there aren’t enough choices.

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Where shopping meets giving

Make your shopping giveable! Every year, parents spend thousands or more on school supplies, holiday items, home goods and more. Turn that shopping into a seasonal fundraising campaign and earn a high percentage of the dollars spent while we handle all the logistics.

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An innovative way to fundraise
with an old favorite!

Experience old-school fundraising that’s anything but traditional! This fun and stress-free fundraiser features school branded trendy gifts and tasty products people love. You’ll enjoy the same platform that records, organizes, and incentivizes all in one!

Selling products is a familiar way to raise funds and donors love it!

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Starting your campaign is a breeze with our simple and quick onboarding process! In as little as two days, you’ll have a customized campaign with fully functional admin controls ready to go. Our reps will work with you to plan your campaign and pick a launch date. They will provide you with a step-by-step guide including letters and emails, fliers, posters, and anything else you’ll need to make your campaign a smashing success! Throughout your campaign, our dedicated reps are available to assist you in every aspect of your campaign. Our goal is for you to have maximum success while spending minimal time on fundraising. That way you’ll have the time and energy to do what you do best, educating and developing tomorrow’s leaders!

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Step into a whole new world of fundraising. At JMS, we offer multiple innovative fundraising options so you can choose the one that best matches your needs.

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