Donation Fundraiser

Low-Effort High-Profit Fundraiser

Skip the door-to-door routine! This easy-to-manage fundraiser takes only one step for students to create their online personal page and share it with family and friends. With one click, generous supporters select donation preferences, enter payment info and often leave a nice note for the students. That’s it! No unanswered door bells or boxes to deliver.

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Products Fundraiser

Selling products is a familiar way to raise funds and supporters love it!

Experience old-school fundraising that’s anything but traditional! This fun and stress-free fundraiser features school branded trendy gifts and tasty products. You’ll enjoy the same platform that records, organizes, and incentivizes all in one!

Fundraise Now!

Why do fundraisers with InstaRaise see a 30% increase in profits?
By working closely with our vendors who use our software to fulfill orders, we are able to offer more products and options for your fundraiser.

Tired of counting and handling dollar bills? 
80% of our payments are done online.  Why?  Because our unique system of directing sales payments to the students personal webpage means you can run a traditional fundraiser without handling cash.

We invite you to Imagine
Imagine students fundraising through a traditional cookie-dough fundraiser…Now think about how much more they can get when they can also offer 100’s of items online that ship to home affordably. And if you add donation options at high profits and digital content options-you have just expanded your potential support to the entire USA!

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